The Hardware of the cluster btrzx2 was delivered by Megware just before christmas 2016. Preliminary operation has begun January 19th 2017.
The Cluster consists of 5 different node types:
NameNumberProcessor; Frequ.; Cores/NodeRam
compute830Intel E5-2623 v4; 2.60GHz;864GB
compute2092Intel E5-2630 v4; 2.20GHz;2064GB
computer402Intel E5-4620 v4; 2.10GHz;40512GB
phi1Intel PHIGB
Please note that Cores/Node denotes physical cores per node. While compute8 and compute20 have two Processors per Node each computer40 uses 4 processors in one cluster node. Please also note that in contrast to the other clusters btrzx2 has Hyperthreading enabled.
The frontends may be reached at and
The state of the compute nodes can be watched here.
Breaking news might be found in the blog.
Last modified January 2017 by Dr. Bernhard L. Winkler